Jigsaw Puzzles from Zeugma

Jigsaw Puzzles from Zeugma

Play our free puzzle or use your own picture to play the game

3D Jigsaw Puzzle

I hope you enjoy playing our 3D jigsaw. The number of pieces can be changed from 10 to 100 jigsaw pieces - you then need to click on the Shuffle Button. Jigsaw piece rotation is switched OFF as a default. If you enjoy a harder challenge then click on the Rotation toggle button then click on Shuffle, you will then need to rotate the pieces to fit (using the right mouse button). Hint: The jigsaw is best played in Full Screen mode - Full screen mode can be used if you prefer no distractions, just click on the full-screen button at the top left of the game area.

You can use your own picture to play as a jigsaw puzzle, just use the Create Puzzle button to find a picture on your computer.

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Lion Picture

Photo credit: Christine Sponchia. Picture free to use, click on jigsaw picture above to see original picture.





Gorilla Jigsaw

Contemplating Gorilla

Monkey Jigsaw

Monkey Jigsaw

Lion Jigsaw

Lion Jigsaw & Picture

Goat Jigsaw

Goat Jigsaw & Picture

Cat Jigsaw

Cat Jigsaw & Picture

Cat chair jigsaw

Cat on Chair


Map Globe on Table


Alpine Mountain Hut

Camel picture and jigsaw

Camel Jigsaw and Picture

Picture of Horses Jigsaw

Picture of Horses Jigsaw

Picture of Lego Monster Truck and Jigsaw

Lego Monster Truck

Picture of Lego Technic Monster Truck and Jigsaw

Lego Technic Truck

Picture of Magnolia shrub in flower and Jigsaw

Magnolia in flower

Picture of Water Lily in flower and Jigsaw

Water Lily

Picture of Swan carrying cygnet picture and Jigsaw

Swan and Cygnet

Picture of Iguana Lizard and Jigsaw

Iguana Lizard

Picture and jigsaw of Wild turtles

Wild turtles

Picture and jigsaw of a Bear Cub

Bear Cub

Picture and jigsaw of the Yosemite Mountains

Yosemite Mountains

Picture and jigsaw of the Rainbow Bridge National Monument, Utah, USA

Rainbow Bridge, Utah, USA

Picture and jigsaw of Squirrel and the Grand Canyon, USA

Squirrel and the Grand Canyon

Picture and jigsaw of Old West Covered Waggon, USA

Old West Covered Waggon